Saturday, March 21, 2009

RE Says:

So I met with the RE this past week. We talked about my fibroids. He is going to do 2 procedures. The HSG (which I've had before) to see if my tubes are open. And the SHG to see the shape of my uterus which will show as well the placement of my fibroids. The size/shape/placement of fibroids are what matters when it comes to fertility. Also the type of fibroid can be an issue too. The RE seems optimistic. We have options when it comes to fibroids.

I have CD3 bloodwork to do next cycle. HSG and SHG next cycle.

He has suggested I stop breastfeeding. He won't begin anything until I am done with breastfeeding. I can wean now or continue and come back when I have weaned. This is the part I am struggling with. We are down to one session per day. Have been for several months. I don't think I am producing much. But I was hoping to let C self-wean. I am not getting any younger however - so if we are ttc we need to get going.

So um yeah./


bleu said...

I have to say I have issues with your RE about this. Your prolactin production at once a day feeding is truly negligent. An RE who had done his homework would know that.

I really want the best for you.

sandra said...

I know.

Jen said...

my instant reaction is much in line with bleu...doesn't seem like it would have much effect if you're only nursing once per day. hm.

is it keeping your cycle at bay or is he perhaps concerned about meds you may take during the ttc process?