Thursday, March 12, 2009


Little C sees an ad on the back of the Today's Parent magazine that came in the mail today. In the ad there are gorgeous bleberries. She signs eat and says "eat." Points to the blueberries and says: booberries. It was so clear. She didn't need to sign eat - as she was saying it so clearly along with the sign. Then she pretended to pluck a few blueberries from the ad - she put them in her mouth and said: Mmmmmmmmmmm. She put a few in my mouth too.

So we got in the car, went to the grocery store, and bought some blueberries.


bleu said...

Soooo cute!!

Jen said...

doesn't this kind of sweet pretend play break your heart? in a good way, of course but still...sigh.

have missed reading all about you...glad to be catching up. :)