Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can't Fix It

We are in the land of runny noses. Little C is miserable. She isn't sleeping nor napping well at all. She just falls asleep and then the congestion seems to wake her up. The longest stretch of sleep she's had is maybe 2 hours. We are pretty exhausted too. Holding up well, though.

I feel pretty helpless in all of it - I have to say. I had this realisation about it this morning when I felt myself dreading the day ahead of us. I can't fix it for her. I can't make her nose stop running. I can help her a bit. But I can't fix it. It was a hard thing to get my head around and I have to admit it had me feeling kind of distanced. Hard to explain. Maybe someone relates.

As soon as I was able to see my feelings for what they were I very much eased into the day. As soon as I could say to myself you want to fix things but you can't and that is okay then I eased into the day. I snuggled with C as she fell asleep for her nap and I was there when she woke up 30ish minutes into her nap. I helped her get back to sleep for nap part 2. So there you go.

The land of runny noses.

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