Saturday, July 30, 2011


So Little C starts JK in September when she turns 4. Over night she is drawing pictures that resemble things. Mostly faces. It's amazing to watch. She is seeing faces in things - like in the fronts of cars. That car looks happy Mama - "oooh that car looks sad" and "that car looks angry." This must be a milestone thing/brain development thing. Faces and emotions. Almost 4 year olds are hard work sometimes. Such a mix. One minute she is happy and I love you and the next not so much. She shouted, "I want to be the grown-up!" the other day over something. This gives you an idea.

Baby E is 16 months old. She sings songs and chit-chats and is happy happy happy. She says, "NO!" In fact, she's been saying no often and earlier than her big sister ever did. I guess an example is set. She also has quite a large vocabulary (thanks to the example) and a few 2-word sentences.

Our girls are growing.

C and I walked to the park - she was running ahead of me. And I took a moment to take her in. Her muscles and skin and arms moving and legs striding and hair blowing, her physical-ness. Tears sprang to my eyes. I remembered the tiny helpless baby who had such trouble in the minutes, hours, days following birth. I remembered 4 summers before carrying her in my womb which was at this point 4 summers ago so stretched and full and heavy.

So cliched to wonder where that time went and I know where that time went because I have lived it with a presence that I did not give to my life before.

The week after next we take the girls on their very first camping trip. I am super excited to share camping with them.

If you are reading this, say Hi.

Much love.


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Hi! I hope your camping trip is lovely! I am happy to see your post.

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Hi! Enjoy camping!

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