Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Possibly Maybe

I called the clinic today to make the appointment to open our file and start ttc#2. I have an appointment with my family doctor at the end of February and then after that I will see the RE. I don't have an appointment with the RE yet.

I have no idea when ttc#2 will begin... for one I am still nursing C and I am not ready to wean. But... we are thinking May-June-July... possibly maybe.

I am excited. And also feeling a bit - I don't know - just wondering if I am ready to get back into the whole ttc thing. Loss and anxiety and hope and complicated stuff all mixed together and divided into 2 week chunks.


Anonymous said...

A little assvice from a mom trying for our second child...

Even though my ttc process has been quite challenging, the fact that I already have a child (whom my partner carried) makes the second ttc process So. Much. Easier. than the first time round.

It's still hard and scary and a rollercoaster, but no matter what... I'm already a mom. We don't have this huge unknown (parenthood) in front of us, and our house isn't eerily quiet like the first time.

I wish you the absolute best as you decide on your next steps.

sandra said...

Thanks. It definitely is different ttc#2. I am already a mom. And you are right the house is not eerily quiet.