Saturday, December 13, 2008


I understand the concept of "traditions" more and more.

I am baking holiday cookies. Last year C was 3 months or so and she sat in her bouncy seat between naps and nursing and watched me bake. This year C is under my feet in the kitchen getting into this or that cupboard, spreading pots and pans on the floor, banging things with wooden spoons, etc. This time next year she will be 27 months. Will she help me? Will she chit chat my ear off? Who knows. But I get it. And I had these brilliant little flashbacks to the tiny baby she was - smiling and giggling her very first giggles as the cookies baked and I sang silly songs to her.

So much love.


Jude said...

That's so awesome.

I am starting to really "get" traditions, too. They're like routines, just yearly. So awesome for kids.

We are starting a family tradition of getting new pajamas for Christmas Eve... so we can all go to sleep in our new pajamas and wait for Santa. How fun it was to pick out pajamas for August! Such a good time.

My brother and SIL will be in town this year and we talked them into staying over on Christmas Eve so they can watch Punk open her presents on Christmas morning. We went and got them stockings and stocking stuffers so they won't be left out. I am so jazzed to have five (FIVE!) stockings on the mantle. I wish they lived next door.


sandra said...

Love the new x-mas jammies for the whole family - we may need to borrow that one from you all. :)