Sunday, September 28, 2008

She is not walking yet, but...

I think we need to get real shoes for her. For one, we are coming into fall/winter. And for two, she will be walking soon. Her favourite game right now is the one where you hold her hands and walk behind her while she walks. Nothing makes her happier right now. She will break into belly laughs while doing this.

She is not a fan of shoes though. She is not a fan of socks either. She really likes to be barefoot. This worked last year - in her first few months she wore sleepers with feet, then spring came and it felt warm most days so she went without shoes/ socks. I mean, she started out wearing them and when we weren't looking (ha! even when we were looking) she'd take them off. Recently we bought her some cute little soft soled shoes. We have almost lost them several times because she takes them off. It is time though for something more serious, harder to get off, etc. Real shoes. Big girl shoes.

I have no idea what to look for in shoes for little ones.

Plus, she has narrow long feet. My mom was saying we had to special order shoes for me - I had the same issue.

So... um... yeah... shoes.

Oh yeah and then yesterday we were in a coffee shop - the three of us - and a grandma comes in with her 10 1/2 month old grand-daughter. C is waving and smiling and clapping in the direction of the 10 1/2 month old. Generally being social and cute. So the grandmother comes over and we all chit chat - how old is she? what's her name? Like you do. Then grandmother asks, "Is she walking yet?" Um no. "Well she is - she took her first steps yesterday." Which is lovely and cool and fun and everything else. Sometimes the whole mamahood stuff feels weirdly competitive, like we are all comparing notes... like it is a race... and I remember my dad telling me that the longer they crawl and the later they walk the better they are as readers. I have no idea if this is true or not. Maybe it is a right brain left brain thing. I don't know. But it makes me feel better. That and the idea that childhood is a journey, not a race.

So there you go.

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bleu said...

Yes it drives me nuts. Bliss didn't like crawling and started walking at 9 months after about 2 weeks of crawling. That was fine, whatever, and then I was bombarded with comments about how if he didn't crawl his reading would suffer. You cannot win.

As for shoes Bliss had a very hard time. He has Robeez which were ok for a long long time and then his first show ended up being at like 2 and it was a Stride Rite bootie. He needed lots and lots of flex in the sole. He still hates shoes.